Bicycle Talk Episode 309:  August 22nd, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: Councilwoman Amy DeGise comments on her hit and run of a cyclist. Lady, you hit a guy on a bike and didn’t stop. Just who do you think you are?  Jim Nally of West Hartford CT. dies while riding bicycle. On a positive side:   2022 Steeplechase Bike Tour.  Another  shout out to Too Tall Billy!  The Vuelta?  Primoz Roglic returns? Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  The ghost shift” How to know when my shift cable is breaking.  Everyone has an opinion on this:  Content: Steeplechase Tour . Ron and Fran Reflect on this year’s tour. La Vuelta 22 will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3280.5 kilometers. And what about Primoz Roglic?  The Top Big Money Cycling Transfers For The 2023 Season.  How To Deal With An Angry Driver When You’re On Your Bike.   More local events this week.  Cyclocross season returns soon. Lots of great cycling coming up soon. and finishing points.