Bicycle Talk Episode 299:   June 13th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant:  I’m back to the price of Gas again. Ron runs a few facts about the price of gas, supply and demand, and how we have the power to change this by just riding our bikes more and buying less gas.   On a positive side: The Criterium du Dauphine!  And a shout out to friend and cycling advocate Eric Weis.    Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Why I am falling in love with my bicycle mirrorWhy should you use a mirror?  Content: Ron says it again.  Side note of general importance and concern: Have you seen the price of gas? Wow! Ride your bike. Ron continues his rant with the oil companies and gives their perspective on the prices. (obviously a one sided affair) 5 fast facts about petroleum prices  (from the petroleum industry of course)   Pickups and SUVs are driving the pedestrian death epidemic. But the tide may be turning.  Ron talks more about the Criterium du Dauphine, Jumbo Visma, and the upcoming 2022 Tour de France. Contenders for the Tour 2022.   More local events this week. Lots of great cycling coming up soon. and finishing points.

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