Bicycle Talk Episode 293:   May 2nd, 2022:  Ron’s Rant:  Cycling Gradient Anxiety Ron rants about steep brides and early season riding. On a positive side: It’s been a year. Ron talks about that scary ride in April of 2021. Went on that 30 mile ride this Saturday and “spat on the monster”.   The CCAP Bicycle Benefit is this weekend:    Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Carpal Tunnel pain while riding your bike?   Nerve Flossing may be the answer.    How can I strengthen my wrist nerves?  Content: Ron talks gradients and How to become a hill climbing star.  High cadence cycling offers no benefit to amateurs, finds new study? Hurrah for J.F.K. Promenade Forever!  Denver Colorado has progressive e-bike legislature.  Road signs that implore highway motorists to drive carefully may actually be causing crashes because they’re too distracting.  Recent fires were not caused by e-bikes as originally reported last week  Local events, More local events this week. Women’s racing clinics, and finishing points.

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