Bicycle Talk Episode 291:   April 18th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: The Wind. Ron talks about the dreaded Lyme disease.   On a positive side: The Paris Roubaix was yesterday! Anyone out there see it? The E-Bike expo in Hartford. Seeing people in suits testing bicycles! Overall consensus is a big success! Mechanical minute and tips:   Slippery Condition riding wet or dry. Ron relates an experience.   Content: Ron talks Roubaix. What a race. 28.4 miles per hour for 160 miles. Really? Wow. Spectacular crash with a spectator involved. . And what’s with all the punctures? Tubeless, Tubular, or Tubed tires. What works for you? And is tubeless all it’s cracked up to be?Tire widths for roadies. The wider the tire the faster you go! And one more piece of tech:  Most notably, the men are also running a 1x group set, but with a front chainring size of 54-teeth. Local events, More local events this week. Women’s racing clinics, and finishing points.