Bicycle Talk Episode 289:   April 4th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: Cyclists return to the roads and while we seem to have retained our skills riding in traffic, it seems the drivers of the motorized vehicles are suffering from amnesia. Comments from last weeks show. Is it time for large trucks and SUV’s to require drivers to hold a special license?  On a positive side:  Welcome back ladies Huskies. We love you. You had a good run and we all appreciate the hard effort. Sorry the results could have not been better. We all love you and can’t wait to see you again next season. Go Huskies! Woof! And the national bicycle summit and the cherry blossom ride in Washington DC.  Mechanical minute and tips:  7 strength exercises you can do to improve your cycling. Content:  What to Tell Your Car- and Times-Loving Friends Edition

How to Safely pass a cyclist.  The True Cost of Powering an Electric Car.  How much electricity do you need to recharge your car? How much electricity does an electric bike use? The results are impressive.  E-Bike day in Hartford CT. Ah the classics  106th running of the Tour de Flanders. 

Local events, More local events this week. Women’s racing clinics, and finishing points.