Bicycle Talk Episode 286:   March 14th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: Gasoline.  How about that price of gas? Time to use the bike. So, the main subject for today’s Bicycle Talk Episode 286 is going to be gasoline. Timely? Yes. Questionably inappropriate and objectionable comments? Probably. Get off your “gasoline” and ride a bicycle.  On a positive side: More Daylight!  BILL NYE. Mechanical minute:Choosing and setting up the perfect bicycle for your commute.  Content:  Gasoline and world energy is in the news and the Bicycle is the answer. Ron reflects on the price of gas and the reasons why you should ween yourself off of energy dependency for your transportation.  Bringing a bike lane to your main street. Should we outlaw the SUV?  Local events, Lots of local events this week. Women’s racing clinics, and finishing points.