Bicycle Talk Episode 282: February 14th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: The rapid transition of the bicycle industry. Big’s getting bigger, small retail shops disappearing, and the automobile industry continuing to invest in e-bike technology. And Specialized going consumer direct? What’s going on?  Give me back my LBS!!!!

On a positive side: 2022 National Cyclocross championships return to Hartford Connecticut.  The Maintenance Minute:It’s Early season and the cars and trucks are not looking for you. Be seen!  Ron Offers opinions and suggestions. Content:. It’s Valentine’s Day!  Riding a Bike Can Fix a Broken Heart—Literally.  Cyclocross returns to Hartford CT. E-Bikes  So, If you think the Auto industry is not concerned about e-bikes, The Indicator from planet Money  Gas Power To Electric Power To… Foot Power?  Why Are Car Companies, From Porsche to Jeep, All Selling E-Bikes Now?  Specialized Bicycles Consumer direct? Ron talks about the future of the bicycle business. Op Ed from Bicycle retailer. A shout out to the Women’s Cycling Collective.  Local events, Women’s racing clinics, and finishing points.