Bicycle Talk Episode 284:   February 28th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: So why am I ranting? This is the original site of the Wright Brothers Bicycle shop. And they want to tear it down?  On a positive side: More Daylight!  Moving the ride of silence to Storrs CT. The Maintenance Minute: Ah, those pesky disk brakes.  Content:.Disk brakes from last week we ran out of time but certainly inspired some listeners to comment:

Ron is not the only Retro Grouch” out there. Ride of Silence:  The next event will be:  Wednesday, May 18th 2022 (always the 3rd Wednesday of May)  7:00 pm (local time)   Women’s History Month is in March: Today I am going to review 3 influential women in bicycle history  Who kills vulnerable road users? Sandy Hook settlement and does it apply to the Auto Industry? Discussion. The Benefits of Cycling for Your Mental Health  Local events, Women’s racing clinics, and finishing points.