Bicycle Talk Episode 283:   February 21st, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: LA wants to  ban bike sales, repairs on city streets. Critics say it targets homeless people.  On a positive side: Our days are getting longer, and warmer too!  How much daylight are we gaining each day?  The Maintenance Minute: Are you taking a multi vitamin? Should you be? Lots of input from Fran on this one. Content:. Ron Talks about LA and the country in general.  This country of ours is so incredibly unbalanced and this is yet another example. Not everyone can afford a car or even mass transportation.  And the mentality of the privileged car owners to assume that just because someone is riding a bike they are not taxpayers or contributing to society is such an insult. It seems most everyone I have spoken to about being confronted by an angry motorist tells me their version of the driver telling the cyclist, “I’m a taxpayer” (therefore I am privileged to use the road and not you?)  NYC announces 7 steps to save our health, economy, environment and safety. Very progressive moves by the new mayor. The Idaho Stop: Let’s talk, is it time? Not in Illinois?  And, Retro-Grouch Ron gives you 8 reasons not to get disc brakes — find out the hassles before you switch Local events, Women’s racing clinics, and finishing points.