Bicycle Talk Episode 272: December 6th, 2021:  Ron’s Rant.  A tragedy in Storrs. Pedestrian killed at a crosswalk.  What makes a crosswalk safe? Ron rants more in he show. On a positive side: A bump in the road update: Monthly progress report   Reduced meds Feeling better. Indoor cycling  classes  continue at the Community Center.  Sharrow responses from last week’s show. Nice to see people’s comments. The Maintenance Minute: Ron talks about getting the right size bike for your child. Content: Ron talks about crosswalks and sharrows. The trouble with crosswalks. How to calm traffic. Insights form a Uconn Professor Norman Garrick on speed humps. And as far as Sharrows, Ron Picks up where he left off last week.  Ends show on a funny comment about shadows from an avid listener and bicycle advocate. Local events in the next few months, Cyclocross, and finishing points.