Bicycle Talk Episode 260: August 30th, 2021:  Ron’s Rant. Crashes in the pro bicycle racing scene. Are they increasing?  Toxic car ads. Are car companies increasing bad driving behavior with their latest advertising?  On a positive side: A bump in the road update. Ron keeps listeners up to date on his condition.  The Vuelta Espania continues / final week, Steeple Chase Bike Tour, preliminary results.  FTF Fondo’s! The Maintenance Minute:   Sealed bearings. What to look for and replacing them. Content: Ron talks about rider crashes in the 2021 racing scene. UCI regulations. The Vuelta continues as week number  2 is in the books and there is so much to talk about.  Who is Odd Christian Eiking (Nor)?  Ron spends time in this podcast talking about the negligence of car manufacturers with their aggressive driving behavior promotions. What has the UK and other countries done about this.  Local events in the next few months, and finishing points.