Bicycle Talk Episode 244:  April 19th 2021: Ron’s Rant. Hardly a rant, Why is your LBS so busy?  The Bike Boom! The bike boom, by the numbers On a positive side: Shout out to Bob and Peggy from Andover.   How E-Bikes are improving peoples relationships. The Maintenance Minute: More Carbon creak 101 and why greasing your BB may not be the best way to go. Three cheers for teflon plumbers tape.  Content: Ron talks about Amstel Gold Classic: Incredible photo finish. Is your watt meter that important? The bike industry and when will the boom end. What are you gonna do when the boom goes bust? How to keep the bike boom from fizzling out:  Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities. What a difference a trip on a bicycle makes.

Local events in the next few months, and finishing points.