By Nicholas Hellinghausen

The University of Connecticut will be featured on an episode of Amazon Prime’s “The College Tour” that is scheduled to be aired this July. The series is hosted by Alex Boylan and takes viewers to different college campuses across the country. Each episode highlights the various aspects of campus life like housing, recreational activities, academics, sports and creative ventures. 

UConn’s episode on “The College Tour” will contain segments from about 15 students. Each student will describe an area or building on campus that has been significant to them. They will share with the audience what the college atmosphere is like and the plethora of opportunities that are available throughout the campus.

In the episode, sixth-semester urban and community studies and psychology double major Sean Roach outlines the benefits of being a part of a Learning Community and living on campus. He touches upon how being a part of the Leadership Learning Community helped him connect with students from different majors who all share the common goal of having a positive impact on the world. 

“The Learning Community puts in an extra effort, even passed Residential Life, to really make sure that you have a base and home that connects you with people with similar interests, people who can push you to be better,” Roach said.

Another exciting component of campus life that is detailed in the episode is the Recreation Center. Eighth-semester political science major Grace Brangwynne points out the large variety of activities offered at UConn’s Recreation Center. Footage for the segment was filmed throughout numerous regions of the building, including the fitness studios and the climbing center. Brangwynne explains how there are plenty of resources available on campus to maintain a healthy mind and body.

“It was pretty cool because I actually had to incorporate my own experiences and kind of tie that into how wellness and fitness is a part of campus culture and lifestyle,” Brangwynne said.

Both Roach and Brangwynne said that UConn’s episode on “The College Tour” will demonstrate to prospective students that there is a lot to look forward to on campus. Viewers will get the opportunity to hear about what the UConn environment is like from the perspectives of current undergraduate students.

Brangwynne summed up the episode, saying, “The main takeaway is there is something for everyone at UConn.”

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