Bicycle Talk Episode 238:  March 1st 2021: Ron’s Rant.  The whole package. Removing cars from the picture. What if cars were not welcome? On a positive side:  There are places that cars are not welcome. In the oops  department from last week, Review: Seattle cargo-biking initiative fights hunger with pedal power.  More in the show. The Maintenance Minute:  Chainring replacement and from listener and contributor Mike from Eastford, Top Bicycle Films. Content: Ron talks about Seattle and the tons of food distributed by bicycles during the pandemic. The new microbility GPS app, founded and designed by a Brown University student, will launch in Providence on April 1, and on May 1 in Boston.  The City Where Cars Are Not Welcome.  Pedestrians Only: 20 Car-Free Places in America.  Ron touches on the classics.  Events calendar, the classics are back! and final thoughts.