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The Way Podcast 18) Visual Effects

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Warning for the episode below in description

Vicki Lau is an expert in all things “Visual Effects” (VFX). While she specializes in compositing, she has developed many other software skills used in films and shows like Guardians of the Galaxy, Aquaman, Brooklyn 99, and The Walking Dead… to name a few. On top of this Lau has a history of working on Virtual Reality (VR). In fact, she performed a Ted Talk on the very topic! Tune into this episode to hear an expert discuss all things virtual.

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Warning: Vicki Lau was an excellent guest who I was honored to have appear on the show. However, when recording out of the studio, audio mistakes sometimes happen. In this case, I made a mistake and the audio wasn’t as clear as other episodes. A lot of post-editing work went into fixing the episode and I hope you’re able to enjoy this episode all the same.

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