Bicycle Talk Episode 232: January 18th 2021: Ron’s Rant. Norwegian National Cyclocross Championships canceled because of weather. Really?  On a positive side: Update: Fran’s condition . How’s she doing? Cycling Sock manufacturer DeFeet is making support socks for the medical responders. Decompressor medical socks.  A shout out to Transport Hartford. The Maintenance Minute: Time to look at your tires! 7 things to look for.   Content: Meet the ‘anti-tech bro’ scooter CEO calling out her competition.  Veo CEO Candice Xie says her company reached profitability in May, months ahead of Lime. Ron talks about Dr. Martin Luther King on this holiday and shares an op ed on the comparisons of his speachs to current changes in the cycling world. Great website  Senate Considering $10B for Highway Removal. Events calendar and final thoughts.