The Way Podcast
The Way Podcast
The Way Podcast Episode 7: Left: Spanish Flu, Right: COVID-19

100 years later and we’re in another epidemic. Ben Kitchings has a master’s degree and has spent a lot of time studying the Spanish flu along with reading and hearing stories surrounding COVID-19.  In fact, the first season of his top 100 documentary ranked podcast “The History Voyager” was on this very relationship between the two viruses. In this episode, he shares what the Spanish Flu was like historically, and how it compares to the modern day’s Coronavirus.

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Catch the show on FM 91.7 Wednesdays at 5. From a college perspective with an un-college like background listen to interviews involving those with unique backgrounds/knowledge that can only be found at a University, or a Hartford warehouse. Much like Death of a Salesman you don't need to be a celebrity to share an informed interesting take... you just need to be informed. (Studio is closed so expect infrequent clean radio episodes and explicit podcast only episodes)

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