Bicycle Talk Episode 210: August 10th 2020  Ron’s Rant: Horse Poop! Secondary rant, Ron gets buzzed by yet another pickup truck. Why is it always a pickup truck? On a positive side: Trail maintenance cleanup after our big tropical storm. Shout out to John Hankins of Mansfield CT. Why do cyclists look so happy!  Mellow Johnny’s stops selling police bikes in Austin TX. Maintenance Minute:  Lets talk about that patched tube in your saddle bag, bicycle tire boots and flat tires.  Show Content: It’s Steeplechase Bike tour Time. Lets talk about the Steeplechase!  Chinese trade tariffs return, or do they?  Remember the Garmin Ransom issue?  Garmin reportedly paid millions to resolve its recent ransomware attack.   Headlines:  More Industry News:  No relief in sight as bike imports can’t match demand.  Trump signs Great American Outdoors Act into law. The calendar and finishing thoughts.