Bicycle Talk Episode 209: July 27th 2020. Ron’s Rant: Fight Club / Bike Club What’s with all the bike fighting out there? Are you fighter or a lover? Are you afraid of your bicycle?  Chinese import tariffs to resume. On a positive side:  British Gov’t recommends prescribing bicycling to beat the coronavirus. Shot outs to Airline Trail North and Transporting Hartford. Visually inspect the tires, looking for any cracks, cuts, or tears.  A Pre-Ride Bike Inspection Checklist. Content: More on last week’s rail trail rant. Good rules to follow. How to be a better rider. British Gov’t prescribes cycling and gives stimulus to fixing your bike combat obesity problem. Covid-19 auto deaths increase cycling and pedestrian deaths decrease.  Why Riding Your Bike Makes You A Better Person (According To Science) TDF coming soon. Events: Steeplechase bike tour. Bike racing resumes. Finishing Points: Let’s think about healthcare and bicycling and our immune systems