Bicycle Talk Episode 200:  Ron’s Rant: Response to last weeks comment on Nips. Positive Side: Investors looking at Bicycle companies for future earnings and growth. “Investors are betting that more and more people will turn to bicycles as a way to avoid congested public transportation”  Mechanical Minute: Reviving the “Barn Bike”. Content. Uber in the hot seat for bicycle disposal. How bike shops are prepairing for the June 1st opening. 

USA Cycling Releases Return to Riding and Racing Events’ Guidelines and Toolkit. Fran and Ron discuss. Are you ready for group rides? Finishing thoughts

“Jonesing” for a group ride

How big of a group is too big?

How comfortable are you TODAY with riding with others?

Do you need the help and support of others while riding your bike aor are you ok on your own?

What resources do you need to continue your cycling motivation?

How fit are you this year compared to last? And finally, 

Another Note:

Let’s complete the cross the USA  trail:

New 4000-Mile Trail Will Let People Bike Across US on One Path.