January 29th 2020 Bicycle Talk Episode 183  Ron’s Rant: Your Local Bike Shop LBS. Do you support it? Would you like it to stay there? Ron talks about not forgetting those who serve you best.  On a positive side: Your LBS and Ron’s latest experience with the shop next door. Maintenance minute: Recent trip to LBS brought out the need for frame evaluation in the off season. Things to look for and what to do. Content: Lots of talk about the local bike shop and the difficulties about being in the retail business. Why it concerns my listeners. Coronavirus and it’s effect on the bicycle industry. People for bikes comment further on the NY E-Bike bill. A good start but need amendments. Evening Exercise and Sleep Quality? Fran chimes in. Talk about next weeks guest Heather Mason.  Events: Local and National. Thread City Century set for July of 2020.