By Sasha Goldblatt

Garage rock band The Black Keys released their first album in five years on June 28, 2019, titled “Let’s Rock.” This was an album that I would recommend to my friends, but I would not listen to the whole thing over and over again on my own time.

Although there were some very well done tracks with great instrumentation and vocals, it was an album that I would recommend to friends, but less so than their previous works.

The album starts explosively with “Shine a Little Light,” featuring intense instrumentals in the chorus but more laid back vocals in the verses. The harmonies in the chorus are pretty sick. “Eagle Birds” have vocals with a bit of a different timbre and a more unique-sounding melody as well as a sick guitar solo towards the middle. Although this track is well done and has some interesting features, it is still rather forgettable.

“Lo/Hi” has some cool synth sounds with a choir feature, making it stand out from previous tracks, especially with how catchy it is. “Walk Across the Water” also brings some new sounds with the feature of an organ in the background, a slower tempo, and more blues-y sound.

Although “Tell Me Lies” is pretty forgettable, the next track titled “Every Little Thing” is the best track on the album. There are strong melodies from the guitar and a sick vocal melody and unique chord progression. The entire vibe of the track stands out from the standard Black Keys sound of the rest of the album, making this the most well constructed and memorable song.

The next portion of the album is interesting and provides some cool sounds, but is simpler and does not stand out as honorable mentions. The last six tracks are good but not great.

I would say that the first half of the album is stronger than the second. The strongest of this part is the last track, “Fire Walk With Me,” leaving the listener with a stronger impression of the album as a whole.

Overall, I felt this was a good album, but not up to par with what I expected after their five year break. Though I will give them a shoutout for their hilarious music video for “Go,” which mocks all the stereotypes pinned against them during their break.

Rating: 6.75/10

Best songs: Shine a Little Light, Every Little Thing

Best lyrics: “Don’t nobody wanna be lonely / Everybody oughta be loved sometime” —”Eagle Birds”