Escribe España: La Naturaleza

Hola Huskies! This is one of the last times I will be reporting to Storrs from Salamanca. One week from today, I’ll be back in the states enjoying the traditional New England winter with the rest of you. 

Having only ever lived in Connecticut, I’ve always looked forward to the four very distinct seasons that New England has to offer and la naturaleza that each one brings. The spring blooms with beautiful flowers; summers are always warm and the rain usually keeps its distance; my amateur photos of fall foliage never quite do it justice; the first snow is amazing and each one thereafter brings everyone together as we collectively complain about shoveling.

But the beauty that is Europe is unmatched.

From the flowers of Paris to the tropical trees of Lisbon, the peacocks of Porto, to the soothing seas of Cabo da Roca; I’ve never seen quite enchanting portraits of nature such as I have this fall. Spain, England, Portugal and Paris have left me with images of madre naturaleza’s finest work. Here are just a few.