October 30th 2019 Bicycle Talk Episode 174  Ron’s Rant:  Statistics just released. Consumer reports article, Really?  Pedestrian detection should come as standard equipment on all new models, Consumer Reports says. More discussion during the show. On a positive side: Philli Bike Expo! Parlee Bicycles beats sanctions for carbon frames. Maintenance minute: More discussion about you LBS. Little information and a bit of a rant. Do you get your bike fixed at the local dealer or do they scare you away?  Content:  Lots of talk and discussion on the future of Bicycles, Pedestrians, and the almighty Automobile industry. Fatality rates up to an all time high since 2009. What to do about it and what is being done currently. EYES ON THE ROAD PLEASE. Dangerous vehicles and human operators. Dangerous roads by design. The local Calendar.