I had Enrico Liva, N.D. on as a guest, and we talked about why it’s important for naturopathic physicians to have prescriptive authority in the state of Connecticut. Most of the licensed states in the USA have prescriptive authority, including very recently licensed states like Idaho and New Mexico. Connecticut’s law was designed in 1923 without prescriptive authority, and and we have not been able to get the state to budge in all the time despite states around us having that right. We are extensively trained in pharmaceuticals and we have an extremely low rate of malpractice in states where naturopaths have prescriptive authority. Rick talked about the legislative efforts, in Connecticut to get this passed. It was dismissed by the Commissioner of Health of Connecticut, Renee Coleman-Mitchell. We talked about how our patients want us to have prescriptive authority and getting petitions going. If you want to help, write a letter stating you want your naturopathic physician to use their training and have prescriptive authority; that’s it’s convenient for you to go to one place, that you trust your naturopathic physician to give you good care, and that it’s wrong that we don’t have prescriptive authority, unlike most of the other licensed states in the US. Write to:

Renee Coleman-Mitchell

410 Capitol Ave.

Hartford, CT 06134

Let’s make it so naturopathic physicians can use ALL of your training, and truly provide you with the best of science and nature!