On March 6, 2019, I had the privilege of speaking on a panel at Eastern Connecticut State University called A Wellness Approach to Pain: Thinking Beyond Opioids. I talked about some statistics on opioid use and abuse in the US. I mentioned how naturopathic principles can help with chronic pain. Then I talked about how NSAIDS and acetaminophen are actually more effective than opioids, although problematic. I talked about the effectiveness of physical medicine, like acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic, and how those things are not readily accessible due to doctor and patient attitude, poor insurance coverage, and high cost. I talked about how certain supplements, stress reduction, and diet change can all help with chronic pain. And I presented that if people in general had easy, regular, affordable access to physical medicine, it would go a long way to reversing the opioid crisis.