Never Forks features college students talking about all things food, which is very on brand for Spoon University. SpoonU is an online food blog for college students with content by college students. The SpoonU UConn chapter is now bringing you that food-related content straight to your earbuds. Talk a listen to UConn foodies chat about the latest food trends, news and stories. The SpoonU website is the food resource of our generation. Never Forks is where our generation has a free flow conversation about food.

This week, we have Olivia Bria, Courtney Stewart, Maia Annunziato and Daniela Doncel at our dining table. During our spoon feed, we talked about new food product announcements, like Coca Cola’s new orange vanilla flavor, our favorite cereals and Spoon University UConn Chapter’s crêpe of the week at Farmhouse Crêpes.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out our social media @spoon_uconn on Instagram and Twitter, and check us out our Facebook page “Spoon University UConn Chapter.” Until next time, never forks!

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