By Shira Tall

On Sunday, February 3, the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams for their sixth Super Bowl win. The City of Boston held a Super Bowl parade to celebrate their win on Tuesday, February 5.

A barricade of people on Tremont Street waited for the parade to start around eight in the morning, and many attendees prioritized attending the event.

“I took the day off of work,” Christina says.

“Oh yeah we missed school,” Jessica says.

“I had to take a day off of work, so I’m here,” Rebecca says.

Patriots fans arrived as early as 8 a.m. to congratulate the team on their win.
Patriots fans arrived as early as 8 a.m. to congratulate the team on their win.
Photo: Shira Tall

Before the parade started at 11 a.m., taxis, buses, cars and trucks drove through the streets encouraging cheering from the crowd with honks, whistles and music.

Children and adults alike began catching and tossing footballs as they waited for the parade to begin. Police officers even joined in the camaraderie.

Overcast skies didn’t deter anyone with the mid-50 weather unusually high in New England for early February, a sharp contrast with highs in the mid-thirties during the Superbowl Parade in 2017.

“I went two years ago. It was fun, the weather was different but it was fun,” Christina says.

Others, too, reminisced of earlier parades and were excited to attend their first:

“How does it feel to be here?”

“Um… pretty cool! I’m really excited!” Jessica says

“I was here for the first one in 2002,” David says.

“And how was that?”

“That was a lot of fun, but my kids were younger so I couldn’t stay. I had to just see the quick start and had to leave,” David says.

Red, white, and blue confetti fell from the sky.
Red, white, and blue confetti fell from the sky.
Photo: Shira Tall

The parade finally reached Tremont Street around noon as confetti was thrown ahead of the iconic duck boats.

On the first boat, Robert Kraft, the Patriots’ owner, was joined by his family, including son Jonathan, who held up the trophy from Super Bowl 36.

As the crowd continued to roar, a rare smile from head coach Bill Belichick greeted fans who continued to wave and hold up six fingers. Staff and operations followed Coach Belichick, and soon after, the Patriots’ players.

The music and partying began with the defensive backs dancing and singing to “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khaled. Trailing behind was who fans call the “Greatest of All Time” or “G.O.A.T”, Tom Brady.

When asked what one thing people would tell the Patriots’ quarterback if they could, no one was shy of answering:

“That he’s hot and he’s my dad,” Jessica says.

You’re never going to get old,” Evan says.

“I love you Tom Brady,” Christina says.

“Tom Brady, I’ll friggin die for you, kill anybody for ya. We love you brother, come back, never retire, we love you,” Joe says.

“Umm…  I would just say thank you,” Rebecca says.

Patriots’ Quarterback, Tom Brady, celebrated his sixth Super Bowl win,
the most of any football player, ever.
Photo: Shira Tall

After Tom Brady, Robert Gronkowski and other Patriots’ tight ends rode through the parade shirtless and chugging beers.

Gronk sang along with “Your Love” by the Outfield, a song that dominates Gillette Stadium when the Patriots are leading in the fourth quarter.

Following the tight ends, the offensive linemen drove by, featuring Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly King”, a staple advertisement for any NFL game.

As the duckboats rolled on with other operations administrative staff, cheerleaders, and media, the crowd began to chant waiting for the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player, Julian Edelman.

Julian Edelman, Patriots’ wide receiver,
pumped up the crowd and pointed to various attendees.
Photo: Shira Tall

As the duck boats trailed off towards City Hall, the crowd dissolved into disorder with people pushing and shoving to take the T back to work, return to school, or walk home.

As people left the parade, chants and talks of a Super Bowl return started to surface.

“Think you’ll be back for 7?”

“Yeah, we’ll be back in two years,” Evan says.

“You know, can’t wait to be here next year, it was awesome…” Joe says.

As Bill Belichick said to Tom Brady after Sunday’s win, “We’ll be back, too.”

New England Patriot’s Head Coach, Bill Belichick, acknowledged the crowd after the win.
Photo: Shira Tall

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