On-Air Interview Part One:

By Ally Urban

Two members of the band Two Headed Girl visited WHUS Radio on Saturday November 3, for an on-air interview on the FM stream with yours truly. Based out of Connecticut, the band is comprised of just three members: identical twins Angelica (guitar) and Celeste Padua (bass) as well as Cam Pulaski (drums).

Pulaski was responsible for mixing the band’s debut EP, “With Sadness” which was released on July 31, 2018. According to Angie, all the mixing was done out of Cam’s dorm room— a detail that I don’t think the average listener would have guessed.

“It was all recorded either in their dorm or their house. Everyone seems to be surprised that it was done in a dorm,” Angie says.

The interviewing process was very relaxed and informal, and over the course of an hour, I posed various questions for the band to answer such as: When did you first decide to form a band, what were your first instruments, what’s your music-making process, etc.

Aside from the question and discussion portion, we talked casually about other music related topics. A recording of the interview can be found at the bottom of the article.

The twins’ describe their genre as “twincore” but stated that it encompasses various elements such as indie, punk, emo and math-rock (a style of indie-rock from the 1980s) influence. I definitely felt pop punk, indie and rock vibes throughout the album which can currently be found on Spotify, Bandcamp and in physical CD format.

Only 19 minutes long, the EP contains 6 songs. I enjoyed the album as a whole but my favourite tracks were “Holy Ghost,” “Target Practice” and “Favorite Song.” Consequently, these were the three songs Angie and Celeste picked to play on-air during our talk breaks.

On the whole, I found that the sic guitar licks, beautifully crunchy distortion and tight drumming add to the driving, energetic vibe of the album. The crooning vocals, provided by both Paduas, are filled with emotion, which pair well with the band’s instrumentation. Angie also makes use of tapping, a guitar technique often found in math rock. This involves fretting a string, and “tapping” down on it anywhere on the fretboard to produce a note, rather than the conventional fretting and picking of a string.

Two Headed Girl provides a fresh, vibrant sound in the local musical scene. Their future plans include releasing a Split album, and in time, we’ll see what else the trio has in store for us. In the meantime, you can support the band by following their social media pages, linked below.

On-Air Interview Part Two:

Above is Cam Pulaski, the drummer.
Photo: Lea Ciarcia