I have been seeing so many people coming in with colds and coughs and sinus infections. Some of them come and tell me they’re getting over the infections, and went to the MD who gave them antibiotics, steroid inhalers or nasal sprays, a course of prednisone, and/or a decongestant. I tell them next time, come see me! There is so much that naturopathic physicians can do help to prevent and treat coughs, colds, and flu that don’t involve immunosuppressive steroids and decongestants. Neti pots, xylitol/saline nasal spray, gargling, washing your hands are all really important. There are great herbs and vitamins that can help too! Also, I talk about why leafy greens are so great. Did you know that cabbage and sauerkraut can prevent esophageal cancer? I LOVE sauerkraut! And it’s vegan!