May 2nd 2018

Ron’s  Rant of the Week: That “Sponsored” rider that proudly wears the uniform of the business or organization that is supporting them who come upon another rider on the road or trail and is not friendly or doe not acknowledge the other rider as they pass by. BAD MESSAGE that cyclists are a bunch of snobs. 

On a positive side: May is National Bike Month! More discussion to follow. 

The maintenance minute:  Flats Happen:

About flat tires and wiping off glass while riding. How about road choice to eliminate flat tire exposure. 

Ron Talks about the Giro d’ Italia and what to expect this year. Lots of talk about May is Bike month and what you can do to support it. Ron launches a challenge to give up your car for a weekend. Can you do it? Talk about livable cities that are using cycling and walking as the transportation alternative. And Ron and Fran have some fun with the 11 cyclist stereotypes that we all know.