We talked a little about the Kennedy Assassination, since November 22, 2017 is the 54th anniversary. Followed by the 54th anniversary of ME November 28! Ron remembers where he was, and I was very soon to greet the world! I came out to say hello 6 days later. Mom remembers the kids getting on the bus in tears, while returning from a PRENATAL VISIT. Because of me!

Then we got into the revelations of all the prominent guys engaging in sexual harrassment and predation. We came to the conclusion that it’s not just about preventing it in the moment, but in educating boys and men about how and why not to do it in the first place. Since it’s so prevalent, there’s a message that it’s something that men can do, or they’re not being educated NOT to. So, that’s where the change comes, from education! We talked about the possibility of schools, corporate education, of on line content, and even public service messages.

Then, I got into a bit about how to make Thanksgiving healthier. One approach is: it’s one meal, have at it! But also, since you’re going to be with family and friends, why not include some fun physical activities? Walks, hikes, scavenger hunts, football, tag, frisbee, dancing, you name it! Turkey Trots for those inclined! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!