I just came back from the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors conference. Can you say Information Overload? Here’s some great nuggets! Get help for constipation, because you can otherwise reabsorb toxins, like pesiticides! Sleep apnea is NO GOOD. Not only can it increase chances of stroke and heart attack, but it lowers testosterone, leading to no sex drive, reduced muscle mass, and weight gain! It’s important to address biotoxins, by reducing them in the community and by assisting personal everyday detox. Some people drink alcohol because they’re genetically predisposed to it making them happier! For these folks, gamma linolenic acid, like in evening primrose oil, can help. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is on the rise; if it finally leads to an inflamed liver, it can lead to liver cancer! So, reduce that starch and sugar, and get exercise. Hormesis: a little is good, there’s a sweet spot, and then too much is no good. The biphasic nature of dosing any compound! And the highest mortality from Lyme disease is suicide. People feel desperate, frustrated, and misunderstood. Let’s get some understanding and support for people facing chronic Lyme!