Ron Rants on set driving cars. Cyclist in UK killed by self driving car. Positive side, cyclist fools self driving google car. Maintenance minute, what to carry in your seat pack. Comments from the Facebook page and riding in traffic. Copenhagen rocks! The Box Turn.
5 things beginning cyclists are told that are wrong. More road booty?

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  1. Jim Van Cura

    Hello Pedlin Ron,

    Thanks for the rational response to my comment from episode 72. I too am a MAMIL, or perhaps better phrased as a recovering MAMIL. I say recovering because after decades of training and racing both road and mountain I recognize the perceptions non-cyclists have with regard to cycling in America. It is either a child’s toy, a rich man’s sport, or a poor man’s only means, and they’re all in the way of cars.

    Over the years I’ve witnessed way too many Lycra clad riders hammer out 100 miles then go home and drive their car one mile down the road to the bank claiming bicycle commuting is “junk miles”. All the while they didn’t go anywhere other than in a huge circle back to where they started.

    You are correct that I didn’t come up with the acronym, but I think it identifies the mindset of too many cyclists that I’ve encountered over the past 30 years. They ride lots, go nowhere, and are condescending toward “civilian” bicycle users. It’s a more passive aggression toward bicycle commuting, but it is a contributing factor to our American state of cycling. This my anecdotal opinion of course as I’m not sure how you would collect data regarding such a claim.

    Today, I ride a cargo bike to and from work hauling my two boys (3 & 4 years old) to and from preschool. I ride it so much so that I no longer own a car. My heart breaks when I watch motorists drive past looking at the three of us with a smile and wave, but a group of MAMIL riders rush past yelling at me to get out of the way. Now, fortunately, this isn’t often the case, but it happens more than one would think, which returns to my first point about non-cyclist perceptions.

    Regardless, I appreciate the discussion, and sorry for the long reply.

    Best regards,