d'Archive Episode 1: Punk Rock in the Archives

Punk Rock in Connecticut! Discussion of the Joe Snow Punk Rock Collection at the Archives & Special Collections and punk youth culture featuring hardcore punk, vegan straight edge and oral history of the Anthrax Club during Connecticut’s early hardcore punk scene.

Featured Tracks:

Bad Brains – Attitude

Fatal Vision – Klan Man

End Product – Starve

Seizure – Slaughterhouse

CIA – Destiny


Rude Awakening – Walk to the Liquor Store

Lost Generation – Don’t Exist

Youth of Today – Standing Hard

Bad Brains – Sailin On


Logo by Melica Bloom

About The Author

Graham is an Archivist overseeing the Human Rights and Alternative Press Collections at the UConn Library, Archives & Special Collections. His work focuses on the archivist as activist and expanding access to archives for a diverse audience.

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