Ron does a great interview with Deborah Dauphinais, co-owner of Bicycles East Bicycle Shop in Glastonbury, CT. She talks about women in cycling and in the industry, the role of the bicycle shop in the community, and giving great customer service.

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  1. Billy Dudjoc

    Great job Deb!! I pretty much visit your store every time I cycle east of the river. Agree with you when you said customer service is not gender specific. I worked at bike shop for 4 years and sold bikes to just as many women as men. Pretty much trat all customers the same. The questions might be different but the end result is the same. Thay all want to ride a bike !

    Ron, loved the rant especially for customers who come in with all the accessories they bought on line and want you to install them on the bike at no charge. I usualy ask them if they go into work and are asked to work the first 1/2 of each day for free. That makes the point.