After starting the show with a quick discussion on and social location services (pointless to a small group, great in aggregate), we dove into an analysis of Amazon’s announcement of the Fire Phone. Amazon’s first entry into the flagship smartphone market is geared very much towards those already ingrained into Amazon’s ecosystem, and the phone is built to compete with the likes of the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy line. While the hardware isn’t the best we’ve seen, it’s reasonable competitve. Our take: the phone will probably see marginal market share, but will likely outsell the Windows Phone line within the USA. Mike and Jason weren’t sold, but I said I’d consider it depending on the price and it’s eventual availability on Verizon.

Robert Morris University in Illinois is now offering eSports scholarships, specifically relating to League of Legends performance. Potential students could see up to $19,000/year (50% of tuition, room, and board). The team was conflicted on our stance on the topic, agreeing to disagree.

The show was rounded out with discussions on iFixIt’s tear-down of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 (nothing’s really fixable or replaceable without causing serious damage) and the arrest of 8 bloggers in Iran who were accused of having ties to enemy media and for purportedly having “plotted a soft overthrow of the Iranian regime.”

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