Today, we discussed Amazon’s announcement of Prime Music, and compared the various music streaming services. Drew and Carl (WHUS Production Director) sided with those who prefer to purchase physical CDs, guaranteeing their permanent ownership of their music, rather than using a subscription service. Jason uses Google Play All-Access, which he loves, but adds that he enjoys that he utilizes the ability to upload his own music to supplement their collection.

We also discussed a flaw that was discovered in the Bitcoin software allowing the group or person providing the majority of computing power to make illegal transactions, which could mean dire things for the crypto-currency if not remedied.

Apple is introducing Handshake in the upcoming update to OS X, a system that provides for forwarding calls and texts from your phone to your computer via iMessage. While third-party services have been able to do this for years, this is Apple’s next step into the all-in-one ecosystem they’ve been developing for years.

We rounded out the show with a discussion ending in a desire for Disney to acquire Nintendo, and a quick mention of Microsoft’s recently-announced Halo collection for the Xbox One.

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Check out the recording below:

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