Hey all. We have some really cool stuff in this week, including the brand new album from punk/indie legends Fucked Up. We also have some new music in from Alice Boman, Clipping, and a great Hyperdub compilation of some really cool electronic/house music. Check it all out below.

 Adds Chart: 5/30/14

DATE ADDED: 5/30/14
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New Added Releases:

DATE ADDED: 5/30/14
** = Push * = Recommend
New Added Releases:
Fucked Up (F’d up)* Glass Boys Badass melodic punx are back with their signature blend of fierce, shouted voclas and alt/indie rack insts. Check out their other recrods! Matador
Various Artists* Hyperdub 10.1 1st of 4 hyperdub compilations this year. Possibly the most reliable electronic/house music variant label- Chicago foorwork, Detroit House, minimal house and grime/dubstep Hyperdub
Alice Boman* EP II Lo-fi piano and drum machine led pop from a swedish songstress. Very much like Beach House with sound. Warm, intimate sound. FCC Clean The Control Group
Clipping. CLPPNG Noise rap- harsh, static filled blasts of noise with aggressive rapping. FCC cleaned, minus a “bitch” on #2. Each track is good and intense. #6 is terrible and vapid. RIYL: Death Grips Subpop
Mystic Braves Desert Island Fun, organ-driven retro 60s garage pop. All pretty similar but I liked 9 the best. Self-release
R.E.M Unplugged 1991-2001 If you like R.E.M you’ll dig this, otherwise probably won’t change your mind. 2001 disc has better song selection and instrumentation IMO. Try 1-5, 2-4, 2-6, 2-13. FCC on 2-7 Rhino
Various Artists France Rocks A compilation of French bands ranging from electronic pop and rock  and regular indie rock. Very varied. Bureauexport
Dub Thompson 9 Songs Raucous, destructive noise rock that has bouts of distortion-gorged rage and almost dance-punk voclas like LCD Soundsystem only totally crumbling soundscapes. Great riffs, unsettline bass. Dead Oceans
Babes Babes EP Cool EP of Best-Coast-level songwriting and moody, greay-shied instrumentals like Beach House and Girls- some surf/garage elements. Harvest
Brett Brett Dreamy, retro-gorged pop that is still stuck on the “Baywatch” set. Overall pretty mellow synth pop that could soundtrack attractive people. CSN
Eastlink Eastlink Snotty, fuzzed out post punk from Australia with monotonous riffs and pushing melodies. Manic, shouted vocals with heavily destroyed guitars. FCC #8 In The Red Records
Kite Party Come On Wandering Loud-ish alt rock with vocals that would sounds at home in 2007. Pretty refreshing sound, albeit played out a bit. Strands of emo and hard rock. Animal Style Recordings
Hundreds Aftermath A record with a nice variant of sounds, from acoustic singer-songwriter to lowkey, moody electro pop. Some really cool moments on here. RIYL: Young Galaxy, Sylvia Esso, Bjork. Sinnbus
Haunted Hearts Initiation Dum Dum Girls + Crocodiles= HH. Woozy, dreamy, jangly rock that follows in suit with the sound of both bands these two come from. Some shoegaze elements, mostly jangle pop. FCC: 2 Zoo Music
Watery Love Decorative Feeding Crummy, distorted, fuzzy, destructive garage rock/punk. I can almost feel the BO seeping into my ears from this. FCC: 5,6,8,9 In The Red Records
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Only Run Popular indie rock band circe 2004 is still hanging out- largely synth based instrumentals with signature whiny vocals. Take it or not. 1,4,5,7,3 real good. FCC: 6 Clap Your Hands
Sirens Blossom Talk Soul/folk duo from New Orleans. Female vocal harmonies over ukulele tracks. Jazzy melodies. FCC: 5,8 Community Records
Howlign Bells Heartstrings Fierce female fronted rock. Some desert rock/wester theme melodies and reverb. RIYL: The Kills, Deep Valley Birthday Records
Throwing Snow Mosaic Electronic beats with cold vocals. Dark atmoshphere for the most part, some cool percussion timbred mixed in. Some weak grooves, more about huge sound. Houndstooth
Gospel Gossip Gospel Gossip Old, jangly pop rock with deep, reverberating vocals and inst. Old Blackberry Way
American Cream Nathan Strange noise rock/drone project with thick swatches of noise colliding with repetitive and tiring vocals. RIYL: Suicide Old Blackberry Way
Jenny Gillespie Chamma Electro-ish pop with some organic textures popped in there- some country/blues flavors as well. Acute, experimental album. Narooma