So here we have a song off of the new LP from Emma Ruth Rundle, formerly (or currently) in band Marriages and Red Sparowes, and it satisfies all of my wants and desires that Chelsea Wolfe’s previous album, “Pain Is Beauty,” filled last year. This track is a good signifier on what the rest of the album sounds like: dark, churning, smoldering emotion bubbling in a cauldron of Rundle’s, waiting to be served up to some unlucky sap who gets caught on the wrong side of her gaze.

It’s also dripping with some pretty nostalgic 90s guitar textures, along with a pretty awesome croon by Rundle in the chorus. I’m not too well-versed in that realm of female singer-songwriter, but it did remind me of the days that my mom would blast Indigo Girls in our house when we were cleaning – in the best way possible. Not to say that Rundle is like Indigo Girls, but more that she is able to evoke that kind of specific emotion through the timbre of her voice.

It’s a HUGE album, soundscape wise. Songs echo into a dark cavern; deep bass drum and gong hits don’t just reverberate, they disintegrate into darkness. Rundle’s voice acts as a siren to lead confused soldiers into the cavern, only to have them ensnared within the alluring blackness.

Some Heavy Ocean is out on Sargent House now!

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