Radio Naturopath
Radio Naturopath
Radio Naturopath Episode 446: Natural Help for Sprain/Strain, GABA, the Microbiome, and Sleep

This week, I talked about my knee injury! There are great natural ways to help with knee pain, as long as the injury isn’t TOO severe. I had marked knee pain for a few days that rapidly¬†improved with the right care! Rest, ice, compression, elevation. Helpful salves. Chiropractic and acupuncture. Kinesio tape! PT exercises. All good stuff! Also, it’s strawberry season, and the first strawberries have come out. Here’s why they’re good for you! We finished with starting to review one more talk from the CNPA summit, about GABA, the microbiome, and sleep. Did you know that Camden, NJ and Detroit, MI are the worst places to try to get enough sleep? I wonder how that compares to East Windsor, NJ, where I grew up???¬†

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