On Tuesday, Nov. 7, Mansfield held its municipal elections for 2023, which appointed positions in various offices such as Town Council, Board of Education and the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission. 

The ten officials appointed to Mansfield Town Council were Sam Bruder, Ben Shaken, Antonia Moran, Carlita Cotton, David Litrico, Ronald Schurin, Brian D. Coleman, Charles J Ausburger, Christopher Kueffner and G. William Tomecko. Six of those elected ran as Democrats, and four as Republicans, making Mansfield’s new town council a, albeit close, majority Democrat. 

Those elected for full terms on the Board of Education were Democrats April Morin and Sabrina Hosmer, and Republican Martha N. Kelly.

Barbara Vaughan, Shannon Hirsch Sion, and Doryann Plante were elected to full terms on the Board of Assessment Appeals, and Mansfield’s Planning and Zoning Commission welcomed Paul Aho, John Devivo, and Katie E. Fratoni to full term positions, Craig Wutsch to fill a four-year vacancy, and Larry Ross and Vera Stearns Ward to fill two-year vacancies. 

Overall, the Mansfield community witnessed a Democratic majority win over its local offices. For more information, the complete results of Mansfield’s 2023 Municipal Elections can be found on the Connecticut Secretary of State’s website.

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