Bicycle Talk Episode 347:  May 30th  2023:   Ron’s Rant: Why is it that the driver of the behemoth truck-like vehicle will give more respect to the Jersey barrier than a cyclist?   On a positive side: The Giro! Exciting!   First FTF event of 2023!  Maryland!  I’m riding in the Best Buddies Ride this weekend! I am the captain of a tandem .  Ditching the car for walking or biking just one day a week cuts carbon footprint.    May is still National Bike Month. Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  What to look for. Ron relays weekend experience. And, Mounting a chain guide on your 1 x  bike.  Content: Shout out to a listener. Best Buddies Ride. The Giro, Wow.  Recap of the tour of Italy. So much  here to talk about. Exciting finish in so many ways. Crushing Hills and amazing finish for Mark Cavendish as he looks to wrap up his carreer.   Ron also shouts out the North American riders in this year’s tour. And how about the domestique extraordinarie,  Sepp Kuss. Events and Finishing Points.