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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 341

Bicycle Talk Episode 341:   April 17th 2023:   Ron’s Rant: . Have I mentioned to you before how much I hate the “truck revolution” in this country? Well if you’ve never heard it before this must be your first time listening to this show. On to the no brainer big DUH of the week. In this episode I will talk about a study that was made by the Insurance industry. On a positive side: Another really nice club ride on Saturday. And big shout out to my friend and spin class member Karen who rode in with me on Friday and then back home after. Nice to have company at 4:45 in the morning.  Spent yesterday afternoon at the Uconn Campus speaking at their Community bike ride April 16th at 1pm

Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  A listener asked me, What gearing are the pro’s using?  Gear head geek Ron talks gears and gearing.  Content:  Ron Talks about the latest study on SUV’s vs cyclists. NYC analyses how people move on city streets. And the Amstel Gold Classic. Ron talks about pro rider Tadej Pogacar and his numbers.   Events and Finishing Points.