Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 340

Bicycle Talk Episode 340:   April 10th 2023:   Ron’s Rant: . It was so nice out yesterday, I spent the day working in the yard. What’s with that!  Should have been riding y bike!  On a positive side:  Great first club ride on Saturday. 12 well behaved and pleasant riders. Spring ah spring. Lot’s of celebrating here in Mansfield Storrs. Congrats  to Danny and his crew on the National Championships. Basketball Capital of the World! 

Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  That pesky carbon creak. Seat post?  Got it right. Carbon paste.  And Ron gives some feedback on his new rear radar for his road bike.  Content:  The Hell of the North, The Paris Roubaix. Ron summarizes both the Women’s and the Men’s race. How cycling can benefit physical and mental health for women. Amtrak’s Patchwork Policy Could be Deterring the Most-Obvious Riders — Cyclists.   Events and Finishing Points.