Bicycle Talk Episode 331: Ron’s Rant: Covid. Yup you got that right, Covid. On a positive side:  Always a Shout out to  Billy and  Laura.  The world Cyclocross Championships. And a big shout out to New England Local Lizzy Gonsalus!  Ride of silence is live! Check out the facebook page!  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Give yourself time to rest and recover before exercising again. “You need to wait until you do not have an active viral infection,” says Dr. Anderson. “Wait at least 10 days after having COVID-19 to exercise.  Content:  Ron talks about Covid, getting back on the bike offering some advise to those returning t exercise after Covid -19. Also, Cyclocross Worlds. And Ron explains the Ride of Silence international event and the local event in Storrs Connecticut which will be joining in this year.   Events and finishing points.