Bicycle Talk Episode 318:  October 31st, 2022:  Ron’s Rant:  Karen, an entitled driver, at the end of my driveway of all places. Ron also explains why he was not on the air last week.  On a positive side:   Another  shout out to Too Tall Billy and Laura Mullally.  The last official club ride of 2022.  Ron attends a local town meeting to talk about, roundabouts of course. Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  The derailleur extender and the popularity of lower gearing on your bicycle. Content: Anyone go to the Philly Bike show last weekend or attend the oldest cross race in New England? Ron gets into more detail on the 1 x and 2 x drivetrains that are so popular these days. More e-bike talk. Fires from exploding e-bike batteries multiply in NYC — sometimes fatally. 2023 and what to expect as a bicycle retailer?  Sonny Colbrelli confirms retirement to avoid cardiac arrhythmia risks. Big UCI Cyclocross race coming up in Massachusetts next weekend!  Events and finishing points.