I had the chance to catch up-and-coming indie pop artists JAWNY and Spill Tab at Music Hall of Williamsburg earlier this week for the New York City stop of their tour. Spill Tab opened up the show with a mix of French and English songs, followed by an energetic set by headliner JAWNY.


Photos By: Rita Plante

Spill Tab’s music can best be described as lo-fi indie pop with nuances of R&B and electronic. The French-Korean artist often sings in French, introducing her audience to a new style of music not seen in mainstream pop. Her sound and diversity is refreshing and unique, making me excited to see her perform live. Alternating between lower tempo French indie pop songs and upbeat electronic tracks, she was able to warm up the audience while displaying her impressive range in her first ever New York City performance. The highlight from her set had to be when she played her song “Grade A (Featuring JAWNY),” where she surprised the audience by rapping JAWNY’s part. Other memorable moments included her and bandmate Caleb Buchanan shredding to the breakdown in “PISTOLWHIP,” and her stripped back rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.” She left they audience wanting more, which is exactly what a great opener should do.


Photos By: Rita Plante

Following an excellent opening set from Spill Tab, it was time for the headliner, JAWNY, to perform. JAWNY is known for his feel good, pop and 90s hip-hop inspired indie rock music. His most recent album, “For Abby,” released in 2020, is a concept piece where he makes a mixtape for an ex-girlfriend after she blocks his number. Drawing inspiration from old school mixtape CDs, he sprinkles in spoken word sketches where he talks to Abby asking for forgiveness, showing the audience the personality behind the music. Playing songs from the album and his recently released EP “The Story of Hugo,” JAWNY and his band brought the house down. They played about 70 minutes straight of cheerful pop and lively indie rock, pumping the audience up, not a soul in the building wasn’t dancing. The highlight of the set had to be when they played fan favorite “Honeypie,” for a second time. Other memorable moments included teasing the audience by opening and closing the stage door before coming out for the encore and signing a fan’s vinyl in the front row during “The Best Thing.” JAWNY proved to be a captivating performer that knows how to keep his fans entertained.

Overall, JAWNY and Spill Tab put on a great show, proving to be a great pair and I hope to see more collaborations from them both in the future.

Best Songs to Catch Live: “Honeypie,” – JAWNY, “PISTOLWHIP,” – Spill Tab.

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