Bicycle Talk Episode 271: November 29th, 2021:  Ron’s Rant.  Wisconsin is back. Details evolve. Why don’t we impound motor vehicles when they have been used to attempt murder?  Many  states do when guns are involved. More in the show  On a positive side: A bump in the road update: Weekly progress report   Reduced meds Feeling better. Great indoor cycling  class this morning  at the Community Center.  The Maintenance Minute: Ron talks about upgrading that e-bike battery and what he has learned so far. Content: Domestic disturbances using a car as the weapon and then driver is left to continue using his car? Seems like a bad idea. So, All I hear is rising gas prices and complaints. Is anyone out there listening? Ride your bike. Take 20% off your driving and consumption and watch what happens.START THE REVOLUTION!. Let’s talk Sharrows. What doing they mean?  Local events in the next few months, Cyclocross, and finishing points.