Bicycle Talk Episode 267: November 1st, 2021:  Ron’s Rant. Stat’s are in. Bad year for auto deaths in the USA  Still waiting to hear the stats on Bicycles and pedestrians.  On a positive side: A bump in the road update: Weekly progress report  Week 25  Tomorrow! . Reduced meds Feeling better. Still teaching indoor cycling at the Community Center. Attended a Rails to  trails meeting online. Great Information. Airline Trail Report North  More in the show.The Maintenance Minute: Ron talks about cleaning the  muddy Airline Trail off of his cross bike. Content: Ron talks about his experience on the Airline Trail North. It’s open!  Driver pleads guilty and is sentenced in Bernstein hit-and-run.  More in the show: Scary statistics:   Streets blog Contest  Local events in the next few months, Cyclocross, and finishing points. Lots of fall events